Our goal is not simply getting families into housing; it is keeping them in housing.


The Families Forward Program is for families that have graduated from our rotational shelter program. It is intended to help families with their next step in becoming self-sufficient. We believe that by providing transitional housing, coupled with a case management plan, families will be equipped to successfully navigate Bozeman’s unique housing environment. Currently, we operate 7 different housing units.
2-year Housing

Families have the opportunity to stay in transitional housing for up to 2 years. This length of time provides consistency and stability for children, gives families time to create and implement a savings plan, and builds positive rental history. Families will continually be working towards finding permanent housing during their participation.
Case Management
The cornerstone of our transitional housing program is continued case management and holding families accountable to their case management plan. Each family’s plan will vary, but general themes are consistent: financial budgeting and savings, employment and career goals,  transportation freedoms, parenting skills, responsible homecare and maintenance, and the like. 

Financial Independence

Rent for families in our Transitional Housing Program starts off below market rate ($350), and every 6 months is increased by $150. Families build this increase in rental rate into their budget, with the goal of paying a near market rate for rent by the time the family is ready to leave our Transitional Housing Program. With this strategy, families are more successful at securing affordable housing when they leave Family Promise.

We want families to experience lasting success. To help with the cost of a future security deposit, first and last month rent, or moving costs, Family Promise returns to the family exiting our transitional housing any monies paid for rent that are over the costs of operating the apartment, as long as families work continuously with our case managers and appropriately maintain their transitional housing home.


Family Promise recognizes the value of education. Our case management programs strive to facilitate self-improvement. We provide participants in our program with classes such as financial literacy, parenting, and conflict resolution which are coupled with a family’s case management plan. Children are empowered to work hard in school and grow in the understanding of the world around them. Additionally, we encourage parents to complete their education and pursue training and degrees that will advance their professional development.

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As families get closer to graduating from our rotational shelter program, they may experience anxiety as well as excitement. The anticipation of being in their own home, with their own bed to sleep in, is rivaled by the fear of falling back on hard times and not having the safety net of staff and volunteers.

Through the Moving Mountains program, Family Promise of Gallatin Valley works with families who have participated and graduated from our rotational shelter program. During their time at Family Promise, families have received intensive case management and support, and this should not stop after 90 days. We remain focused on helping families engage in the local community and continue their successes and achievements.


Lack of adequate transportation is a challenge many Family Promise guests face in Gallatin County. Without a car or other dependable means of getting to and from work, many cannot either secure or keep a job in our Valley. One way FPGV is addressing this problem is through its Wheels to Work program. This program supplies vehicles to qualified families in need of transportation and supports our efforts to ensure that families can enjoy full participation in the community with reliable transportation.

For guests without their own transportation, Family Promise provides transportation services for families to make necessary appointments, work schedules, etc. To sustain this, Family Promise owns and operates a mini-van to shuttle guests throughout the day. We work diligently with these families to get them into their own car and ensure they can afford future costs associated with owning a vehicle. We have had countless successes of helping parents earn their driver’s license and become first-time vehicle owners. For guests with their own transportation, Family Promise works with families and helps guests pay for vehicle registration, insurance, etc. for up to 2 months while in the program.

Want to donate a vehicle?

Family Promise accepts vehicles in good condition with the intent that the donated vehicle will be given to a family in need. Family Promise will provide each donor with a 1098C form for tax purposes. Please review our vehicle acceptance guidelines, and fill out the Family Promise Vehicle Donation Form

Want to help support Family Promise’s Wheels to Work program?

Cash contributions to support this program are also appreciatively accepted. Annually, the Family Promise Wheels to Work program costs about $8,000 – $12,000 to support and maintain.