Emergency Shelter

Our shelter program and warm hospitality is the foundation of the Family Promise model.

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For the past 14 years, Family Promise ran a rotational shelter program where families would move week to week between 12 different host church locations and with 9 partner church congregations volunteers provided shelter, meals, and support for one week a quarter. During the pandemic, we changed our shelter model to static sites and have three shelter locations where families that join our program stay for the entirety of their stay, each family has their own room and share community space (kitchen, restroom, etc.) with families. Volunteers from all our partnering churches and synagogues now deliver groceries and meals right to the shelter sites for families to enjoy. With the move to static shelter sites, we have been able to expand our shelter program and are now serving up to 18 families at a time.

Story House: Our story house location used to be home to staff offices and the family day center. When the pandemic hit, we moved our offices out and transformed the rooms into a place for guests to sleep. This location can host up to 3 families at a time

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Roxy's House: St. James Episcipal church generously has offered for us to use their rectory building as a place to shelter families. This location has larger rooms that we are able to host guests in that have more family members. This location can host up to 3 families at a time.


Families that seek shelter with Family Promise are required to meet with their Family Promise case manager at least once a week. Our case managers empower our guests to create goals that help address each family's unique situation and hardships. Together, they work to find solutions to overcome potential obstacles for housing, employment, childcare, well-being, and transportation. Our family case managers hold the guests accountable to these goals and help guide them to helpful resources in the community. Connecting guests to the community resources encourages them to create lasting relationships with the community that they can take with them upon graduation from our programs into housing.

Our case managers and staff wouldn't be able to make the impacts we have on families in our valley without the power of our dedicated volunteers by our side. Volunteers help by providing their time, meals, and sharing hospitality for each family in shelter. The volunteers are at the core of the program. They lend their passion and expertise to help families get back on their feet. They prove that motivated people can solve family homelessness. And in the process, they truly create "home" - and a community - for families who have no place left to turn.

Family Promise serves families of all compositions. We welcome everyone in the community to be part of the solution to empower families experiencing homelessness and ultimately retain and regain the safety, security, and opportunity that comes with having a home. 

Stepping Stones: In April, 2021, we got the opportunity to rent the third floor of HRDC's Wheat Suites hotel. This gave us 12 more spaces to host families for an extended stay option of our program. Guests staying in the Stepping Stones program have a hotel room to share with their family with their own restroom and a shared community room where there are cooking utilities.

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