Organize a supply drive. Do art projects with kids. Teach a financial literacy class. Help a family move in to their new home. 


Family Promise is a volunteer-based organization. Our model of care works only because of the dedicated service of hundreds of volunteers who cook meals, sleep in the churches, and help care for our families. We welcome new volunteers to join our fabulous team!

Volunteers who would like to do direct service with our families must complete an online volunteer training. These training sessions  cover Family Promise’s model of care, as well as what you can do to best help our families. Training is free, and open to all interested in volunteering. 

A myriad of volunteer opportunities exist outside of direct service and can include, but are not limited to: yard work, shoveling, light maintenance on the Day Center and van, tutoring, sharing skills, events, fundraisers, virtual support for families, etc.

For more information on where you can find the online volunteer training and more volunteer opportunities, please contact Family Promise at 406-582-7388 or email us at info@familypromisegv.org.


Kari Haas
Volunteer Coordinator : Peace Lutheran Church

I enjoy volunteering (and being one of the volunteer coordinators for our church) because Family Promise is such a great program for the people it serves. I like that the families have to do their part by agreeing to certain requirements, and in return, are assisted in so many ways on their journey to a more stable living situation.  

I love seeing the kids and interacting with them and their families, especially at the evening meal. These kids are just like any others their age, except that for awhile they have to stay in churches rather than in a home of their own. It’s my hope that this experience is a positive one for all of them, and is seen as just a temporary step in the process to getting into their own place. The support they receive in this program is amazing, and the life skills they work on will help them forge a stronger future.

Other programs I volunteer for include Love, INC’s Clothes Closet, Community Café, and ROC Wheels. All have their own purpose, but are simply ways that those of us who are able can help and serve those who need a hand up. We may not think we’re doing much, but it can mean the world to someone going through hard times. And who doesn’t want to make someone else’s life just a little brighter?

Volunteer from Family Promise of Beaufort County, SC


Kristin Bryant
Volunteer Coordinator : E-Free Church

I strongly believe that one way to live out my Christian faith is by showing compassion and caring to others. Family Promise gives me the opportunity to reach out people in my community I might have no other opportunity to know and serve. Family Promise offers a structured, helpful strategy to help families improve their money management, employment and housing options to give them a new way of living. And while the families are in the program, I love how people from many diverse church affiliations and some from the community at large come together to feed and spend time with them in the evenings at the churches. Stories are shared and relationships are formed.

I really enjoy being a Volunteer Coordinator because I can give so many people in my home congregation the opportunity to serve in this way. When we first introduced it to our congregation so many people told me they had heard of Family Promise and wanted to get involved but weren’t sure how. They were so glad we had become a partner church. My time is limited, but when I add in all of the volunteers in my church, my efforts are multiplied.

Finally one of the more meaningful stories for me just happened a few evenings ago. One of the former guests and her daughter were in their church that Sunday when they read in the bulletin that volunteers were needed for the upcoming week. They both knew they couldn’t wait to start giving back to Family Promise (even though they had only moved out a month ago!). They offered their services any of the evenings we need evening hosts.


Nancy Winget
Volunteer Coordinator : St. James Episcopal Church

I love being a volunteer for Family Promise!  Why?  Because I see families working to make a difference in the lives of their children and themselves.  Kevin once told me that being in Family Promise is not an easy decision, there are lots of rules and decisions to make.  And yet these parents (and sometimes grandparents) are making those hard decisions, and making changes in their life style.  Not all families complete the program successfully, but by volunteering I know that I have helped them, if only for a few hours.  I enjoy sitting down with the families, eating dinner, watching them interact, and knowing that by being there I am enabling them to have a warm place to sleep, a good dinner to eat, and a chance to be a family at the end of a busy day.

During one dinner, a guest told me that her mother, father, and sister were all homeless, and had been for several years.  She grew up in a series of foster homes, because her mom and dad were homeless and so not able to care for her.  I will never forget her words: “I’m breaking the cycle of homelessness for my daughter!”  Those words are, to me, the very real story of “ending homelessness one family at a time”.  I am so proud to be a small part of the Family Promise program!