From organizing a supply drive, creating art projects with kids, to helping a family move in to their new home and much more, there are opportunities for anyone to get involved with volunteering.


Family Promise is a volunteer-based organization. Our model of care works only because of the dedicated service of hundreds of volunteers who cook meals, deliver groceries, and help care for our families. We welcome new volunteers to join our fabulous team!

Volunteers who would like to do direct service with our families must complete an online volunteer training. These training sessions  cover Family Promise’s model of care, as well as what you can do to best help our families. Training is free, and open to all interested in volunteering. 

A myriad of volunteer opportunities exist outside of direct service and can include, but are not limited to: yard work, shoveling, light maintenance on the Day Center and van, tutoring, sharing skills, events, fundraisers, virtual support for families, etc.

For more information on where you can find the online volunteer training and more volunteer opportunities, please contact Family Promise at 406-582-7388 or email Kylie Kaufman, our Community Engagement and Volunteer Manager at kkaufman@familypromisegv.org.

To get started - fill out our volunteer application and we will be in touch!


Nancy Winget
Volunteer Coordinator : St. James Episcopal Church

I love being a volunteer for Family Promise!  Why?  Because I see families working to make a difference in the lives of their children and themselves.  Kevin once told me that being in Family Promise is not an easy decision, there are lots of rules and decisions to make.  And yet these parents (and sometimes grandparents) are making those hard decisions, and making changes in their life style.  Not all families complete the program successfully, but by volunteering I know that I have helped them, if only for a few hours.  I enjoy sitting down with the families, eating dinner, watching them interact, and knowing that by being there I am enabling them to have a warm place to sleep, a good dinner to eat, and a chance to be a family at the end of a busy day.

During one dinner, a guest told me that her mother, father, and sister were all homeless, and had been for several years.  She grew up in a series of foster homes, because her mom and dad were homeless and so not able to care for her.  I will never forget her words: “I’m breaking the cycle of homelessness for my daughter!”  Those words are, to me, the very real story of “ending homelessness one family at a time”.  I am so proud to be a small part of the Family Promise program!