Transitional Housing

Family Promise is invested in increasing our transitional housing offerings for families who have successfully navigated our current 90-day Interfaith Hospitality Program.  We feel transitional housing is complementary to our current program as we provide a holistic approach to helping families transition from crisis to self-sufficiency.  We anticipate our combination of quality, affordable housing, and comprehensive services will empower homeless families to lead stable and productive lives while providing the necessary consistency for their children.

How and Why

  • Families have the opportunity to stay in transitional housing for up to two years.
  • Families will have graduated rent in our units.  They will start off paying below market rate, but will increase over the length of a families stay.  
  • Families will continue with case management and will be held accountable to their case management plan. Expectations include: financial budgeting and savings, employment and career goals, transportation freedoms,etc. 
  • Education will be coupled with a family’s case management plan. Additionally, we hope to pair each family with a volunteer community mentor to foster a positive relationship within the community.