Thank you.

This year, you made an incredible difference by volunteering for Family Promise!

In 2012, YOU helped 17 families regain their independence and create a new beginning for their families.

This year, you contributed to over 5,000 hours of direct volunteer time to support our families. The in-kind donation of YOUR volunteer time totaled $76,583.36!

You helped serve 1,047 meals to 55 guests including 27 adults and 28 children. Eighteen of these children were ages 5 and under.

This year, we also had new beginnings! One child was born in the program and we had Family Promise’s first marriage while in the program!

Of the 14 families who exited the program, 11 were successful in securing employment, housing and child care. Three families remain in the program at the end of this year.

This is a 79% success rate overall, and a 100% success rate for those who completed the program!If you have ever donated a meal, an hour of your time or a dollar of your money this year, we are grateful for you.

Volunteers like YOU make our program possible. We are grateful for your time, energy, resources and care that you donate to help our homeless families regain their independence.

Please enjoy this brief video that illustrates the change that you have made in your community this year! Thank you SUPERSTAR volunteer!