Cooking classes with Lizz!

At Family Promise we believe in supporting each person where they need to be supported when they walk through our doors. We look at the family unit holistically and determine, “how can we best help this family strengthen areas of weakness and utilize their current strengths to move forward?”

Our families come into our program with variety of habits. Some healthy. Some not so healthy.

Many of our volunteers are often concerned with the lack of healthy eating by our families. While our staff recognizes that healthy eating is vital to a families overall health, it is not our #1 priority when a family walks through our doors.

Healthy eating takes time, education and resources. Luckily, our fabulous Saturday Intern Morgan Darlington has been working one-on-one with our families to educate our families on healthy eating. Morgan explains what she has been up to recently:
Spinach, spinach everywhere!

“These past few months our families have been working hard to incorporate healthy habits in their daily lifestyle. Elizabeth Redman, a graduate student at MSU studying Sustainable Foods, volunteered to spend time with us at Family Promise teaching a cooking class.

All of our families had a chance to participate in the cooking process, and the meal revolved around one “whole food”-spinach! Spinach has acquired a bad rap over the years, but Lizz reminded us that it was Popeye’s favorite food for good reason. Our lesson started off with a demonstration on how to sauté spinach, lemon and fresh garlic. Despite the burst of flavor, not everyone was won over.

Lizz thought this might be the case, so she then showed us how to slide the vegetable into quesadillas with refried beans and cheese, which the kids loved! For dessert we even tossed some spinach into our strawberry banana smoothie. They were such a hit that we had to make seconds. As the lesson was winding down, Lizz showed us how to make ice cubes with excess spinach. These can be tossed into everything from spaghetti sauce to macaroni and cheese. The families loved hanging out with Lizz for the evening, and they are hopeful she can come back and share her secret to a good stir-fry. Thanks again Lizz; we really appreciate you!”

Thanks, Morgan for all the work that you have been doing to educate our families on healthy eating!