Notes from the Director


“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Halloween will be upon us shortly. Everywhere I am hearing little ones telling me what they are going to be: Incredible Hulk, a monster, the Frido Bandido, and my personal favorite, The Statue of Liberty! One of the great things about Halloween is you can be anything you want to be.

My dad used to tell me that anything worth doing was worth doing well. There were no unimportant jobs on the farm growing up. If you mopped the floor, make sure it shined. If you fed the cows, make sure they got enough. All work was considered honorable. If you were hired to clean motel rooms, take pride in the fact that you were making someone’s stay more comfortable. ‘Leave everything a little better than you found it’ was our everyday motto. It didn’t matter if you were cleaning a room or improving a social condition. What mattered was that you do your best.

I don’t hear that much about the work ethic so much anymore. It seems jobs are something that everyone has to do. At Family Promise we put a huge emphasis on finding employment. If you aren’t working, you can’t save for an apartment. In this economy it can take many tries before someone hires you. When one of our guests gets a job, there are generally whoops of joy from everyone in the building. It’s the true beginning to the road ahead.

Let’s all try to be a good one – whatever you are!

Gloria Edwards