Notes from the Director

May 2012


“Even more amazing than the wonders of nature are the powers of the spirit.”

– Helen Keller

I have been working in human services since I was 16 years old. That’s a long time (let’s just say less than 100 years!) and although I consider myself half-way intelligent, I am always finding new things to learn.

At Family Promise all staff are encouraged to take free webinars and to complete any affordable training opportunities. Sometimes though, the best training comes from the people we are trying to help. Every day I am simply amazed at the resiliency of the spirit of homeless children and their parents.

This poem by Virginia Church puts it concisely:

Each day I learn more than I teach;

I learn that half knowledge of another’s life

Leads to false judgment;

I learn there is a surprising kinship in human nature;

I learn that it is a wise father that knows his son;

I learn that what we expect we get;

I learn that there’s more good than evil in this world;

That age is a question of spirit;

That youth is the best of life no matter how numerous its years;

I learn how much there is to learn.

Gloria Edwards