This week CBS News explored the issue of the growing population of homeless families with children in the U.S. CBS reporter Scott Pelley explained that “nationwide, 14 million children were in poverty before the Great Recession. Now, the U.S. Census tells us its 16 million – up two million in two years. That is the fastest fall for the middle class since the government started counting 51 years ago”.

This incredible story focuses on the importance of keeping families together during a personal housing crisis. Traditional homeless shelters often split up families depending on gender-fathers with sons, mothers with daughters. Our program focuses on keeping our families together during this stressful time in their lives. We provide full-time case management, the loving support of volunteers and hospitality utilizing faith houses to help our families regain their independence. Keeping the families together is crucial to their success in regaining sustainable self-sufficiency.

Watch this new piece. Be a part of the solution. Volunteer.