Volunteer of the Month Spotlight: February

February's Volunteer of the Month Spotlight: Nikki Fink!

February’s Volunteer of the Month Spotlight: Nikki Fink!

We are proud to announce our Volunteer of the Month Spotlight for February…Nikki Fink from Beth Shalom! Nikki was nominated by fellow Family Promise Volunteer Debbie Kreindler who said that Nikki is simply “amazing.”

Nikki has been with Family Promise of Gallatin Valley from the beginning. In 2006, Nikki saw an opportunity to connect her faith house, Congregation Beth Shalom, to the needs of the Family Promise program. She has been a committed Volunteer Coordinator for her congregation ever since!

Nikki is an incredibly reliable and dedicated volunteer for Family Promise. Executive Director Gloria Edwards said, “Nikki has supported Family Promise from the beginning. She has always seen the potential in all of our families. She is patient, kind and very caring. We are grateful that she has dedicated so much time and energy into connecting her congregation with our program.”

This special Volunteer Coordinator tirelessly recruits, schedules and manages volunteers for partner Congregation Beth Shalom to support the host congregation, Pilgrim Congregational. She is one of our program’s biggest advocates. We are grateful for all the love and support she provides for our families. Congratulations to Nikki Fink for being our fabulous Volunteer of the Month!

Now…let’s get to know this fabulous volunteer a little better!

Name, Occupation:

Nikki Fink; I was the Business Manager at Bridger Clinic for the past 18 years and am just recently retired! Now I’m ready to start something new.

How long have you been volunteering for Family Promise and how did you get involved?

I have been involved since the first organizational meeting of the coordinators where I linked Beth Shalom as a partner congregation with Pilgrim. I was on the board at Beth Shalom at the time and was moved by the Family Promise presentation and offered to be the coordinator.

Why do you volunteer?

I have volunteered at several non-profit organizations that I support and feel that volunteering is a way to create a better community and a better world. My grandmother lived on East Babcock near the railroad during the depression. Her kitchen was always open to many of the “homeless” folks who were riding the rails, looking for work. I like to think that in a very small way I am continuing her generosity of spirit.

What is your favorite part of volunteering for Family Promise?

Something that I personally appreciate is the non-judgemental open mindedness of the organization and of the coordinators. Unlike the political climate we are experiencing today, Family Promise is a model of how people of different backgrounds, beliefs and even values can come together to make a difference. I like that we all respect one another and value our similarities and our differences. It gives me hope for our future to know that people can have a variety of viewpoints and all work toward one goal. And of course, I truly enjoy the families we serve – they are always remarkable.

Do you have any favorite memories from your time serving Family Promise?

I think that so far I am the only coordinator who “lost” a guest. It was not my best moment but luckily everything worked out. Poor thing, I accidentally locked her in the church. Fortunately, my other memories are much less stressful.

Do you belong to a congregation or are you an unaffiliated volunteer?

I belong to Congregation Beth Shalom.

Do you have any kids and/or pets?

Yes, I have three children (Rachael 35, Dan 32 and Laura 31) all married and living elsewhere and one grandchild (Colby – 3 mos). We used to raise sheep and cattle on our little place on S. 19th and still have a barn cat or two as well as our elderly sheep dog, Tillie, and three house cats (Bonnie, Clyde and Jerry).

From looking at you, no one would guess that…..

My kids all are much taller and therefore achieved their number one goal.

Favorite place to eat:

Bozeman has too many great restaurants to choose only one, but I do like Sweet Chili.

What’s on your book shelf?

I just finished “The Help” and truly enjoyed it. I try to reread a classic every so often and now am reading “The Great Gatesby” by F. Scott Fitsgerald. I also enjoy almost all Montana authors, historical fiction and stories about the southeast of the US.

Who’s your hero?

My husband, Tom, my parents and grandparents.

Congratulations, Nikki and thank you for all your hard work! We truly appreciate you.