Amazing volunteers supporting our Day Center today!

Amazing volunteers supporting our Day Center today!

Every summer our Day Center is blessed with countless volunteers who pitch in to insure that our families have a safe, clean and comfortable place to call home for a few months.

This week, high school volunteers from South Carolina are in town to support one of our host congregations, First Baptist Church. During their stay in Bozeman part of their team has been working tirelessly pulling weeds, mowing, cleaning, roofing and creating a garden for our families.

These are tasks that are so deeply appreciated by our staff and families. With only three staff members it can be challenging to accomplish these task each week. However, during the summer we are blessed with service groups who come for a few days at a time and leave our Day Center sparkling!

This post goes out to all our volunteers past and present who have supported our families by doing tasks that might not seem so important at the time: washing sheets after a hosting week, grocery shopping for our families, bringing a meal or even staying overnight at congregations with our families.

All of these “little” tasks add up to a BIG supportive network for families to regain their dignity and independence in a safe place. THANK YOU to volunteers past and present for making our program possible!