Notes from the Director

August 2012

“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts”

– Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr.

The air around Bozeman is thick with smoke from nearby fires. It hurts just to walk outside and take a breath. Every day it seems there is more bad news – yesterday the Pine Creek fire affected one of our favorite areas. I think of Luccock Church Camp and all the wonderful times we’ve had there as a family. Is it still standing? What about all the people who have been asked to evacuate the area, not knowing if their home will still be standing when they return? My heart goes out to them.

There is something so magical about “home”. It’s where you feel safe, where you are surrounded by the people you love, where your memories are formed. What if suddenly all that was taken from you?

Then I think of all the homeless families we have helped through Family Promise. What a frightening thing to have no place to go! Not to have your own safe space to retreat to at the end of a day would be very difficult for me – and probably all of us. It gives me a new way of recognizing the shear bravery of the homeless families we serve.

Let’s all pray for rain – and for homes.