Volunteer of the Month Spotlight: April


Virginia “Jinx” Sorenson-April’s Volunteer of the Month Spotlight!


This month’s fabulous volunteer to honor is Virginia “Jinx” Sorenson! Virginia has served Family Promise since we opened our doors in 2006.

Virginia works tirelessly throughout the years as a Volunteer Coordinator for Peace Lutheran Church in Belgrade, MT. Family Promise volunteer and Peace Lutheran member Jackie Currey nominated Virginia for this award!

Jackie said, “I would like to nominate Virginia (Jinx) Sorensen…she truly deserves the honor. She never tires doing good things for others and Family Promise is very special to her heart.”

We are grateful for the time and energy that Virginia donates to our program on a regular basis. She never hesistates to help wherever help is needed. For example, we had a mother that needed counseling and we called Virginia to see if she would be willing to watch her children at our Day Center for an afternoon. Virginia said, “of course I’ll be there!” Within an hour, Virginia had a group of children sitting around her completely engaged in activities. We are so lucky to have Virginia share her time and talents with Family Promise families.

“Virginia has been with Family Promise from the beginning and is a wonderful volunteer. She is totally dependable, warm-hearted and a joy to work with. She has a lovely calm manner that makes all our guests feel safe and welcome. The world is a better place because Virginia is in it!” said Gloria Edwards, Family Promise Executive Director.

Now…let’s learn a little bit more about this great volunteer!

Name, Occupation:

Virginia Sorensen, Retired Elementary School Teacher

How long have you been volunteering for Family Promise and how did you get involved?

Since the beginning, about 6 years. I became involved when our church was asked to partner with another church in Belgrade.

Why do you volunteer?

As a young person, I watched my mom do many “little” things to help people out. There came a time then, when our family received assistance from folks in our small community. Reaching out to people around us is one small way of being “Christ’s hands and feet” in the world.

What is your favorite part of volunteering for Family Promise?

Thinking that what we do gives families a “boost!” Letting people know they are valued! Also, working along side another church family.

Do you have any favorite memories from your time serving Family Promise?

Seeing families return for Christmas gatherings. Helping kids with homework and playing in the gym.

Do you belong to a congregation or are you an unaffiliated volunteer?

I belong to Peace Lutheran Church in Belgrade, MT

Do you have any kids and/or pets?

Two grown sons, no pets

From looking at you, no one would guess that…..

….since retiring, I’ve developed an interest in hiking!!

Favorite place to eat:

Any spot that serves “gluten free.”

What’s on your book shelf?

Historical fiction, Books written by Christian writers

Who’s your hero?

The guys in my life! My husband and sons! They continually show me “grace” and help me to think outside the box!!

BIG round of applause for Virginia Sorenson…Family Promise volunteer extraordinaire and Super Woman! Thank you!