Family Promise/GVLT Discovery Walk

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We had so much fun on Thursday leading a Discovery Walk at Peet’s Hill and Lindley Park! We had 17 visitors (8 adults and 9 kids) join us as we completed various activities from the Young Explorer Passport Booklet created by Family Promise in partnership with GVLT. We sat on benches overlooking the city at Peet’s Hill/Burke Park, rolled down the grassy hill at Lindley Park, visited the Children’s Room at the Bozeman Public Library, and checked out the art sculptures at the Sculpture Park along the Galligator Trail. It was a full day of beautiful scenery, stretching our legs, and enjoying the Bozeman trail system.

Afterward, we invited everyone to the Day Center for lunch.

Thank you to everyone who came out to meet Family Promise staff and explore the trails together! Also, a big thanks to EJ from GVLT for helping guide our walk and talking to folks about Family Promise!

NOTE: More images on the Discovery Walk can be found on our Facebook page at

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